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We specialize in the conservation and restoration of oil paintings from early religious icons, to old master works, 19th century American and European paintings, modern art,  and newly executed pieces. We are known worldwide for our expertise in the treatment of china trade paintings.

Like most artwork, oil paintings are inherently fragile and susceptible to a variety of maladies. Most paintings darken and discolor naturally over time. Many have been mishandled, mistreated, or neglected;  some doomed as a result of an artist’s choice of poor materials or preparation.  From minor wear to severe damage every painting requires individual attention by an experienced conservator to properly diagnose its condition and to suggest appropriate treatment options.

Conservation necessitates thorough observation and documentation of each work before, during, and after treatment.  With decades of experience we provide a detailed examination of every painting in the form of written and high resolution photographic documentation.

Please note that all of our conservation estimates for the treatment of your work are complimentary. It is important for you to understand and feel comfortable with all proposed treatments and we are always willing to answer any treatment questions that may arise during any stage of the conservation process.We look forward to working with you.


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